The Graceful Elegance of First Congregational: The Perfect Setting To Exchange Your Vows

The elegant but simple beauty of First Congregational Church of Naples is the perfect backdrop for a gathering of loved ones and guests who come to share your special day.

Ten Reasons to Have a Church Wedding
1. Getting your marriage off on the right start.
2. Recognizing the spiritual dimension of marriage.
3. Making your covenant of marriage not only before the state, but before God.
4. Having the resources of the church.
5. A feeling of confidence that the officiant is a trained pastor with the skills of preparing
couples for marriage and performing a Christian ceremony.
6. Making a statement to your family and guests regarding your faith in God.
7. Exchanging vows in the house of God.
8. Utilizing the resources of the church: organ, piano, vocalists, instrumentalists.
9. The ambience of a beautiful place of worship.
10. Having the support of the pastor and congregation.